Web Application Service: Apply Communication Policies Failed

Apply Communication Policies Failed alert


Alert: AD Synchronization Error
Service: Web Application
Computer name: <COMPUTER_NAME>
Alert id: .118.2.1
Time: <TIME> (UTC)
Severity: ERROR


Alert attributes:

Service name (OID: .200.2): VerbaWebApp


This alert is sent when too many users (based on the setting) would be deactivated during an Active Directory Synchronization.


By default that function is disabled. 

To enable that function, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - On the web interface go to Administration and choose Verba Servers 
Step 2 - Choose the Media Repository server from the server list 
Step 3 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab, and search for Web Application
Step 4 - Under Web Application search for Active Directory Synchronization/Automatic Rollback Threshold on Invalidated Users [%]:and set how many users can be invalidated during a single AD synchronization (in percent).
Step 5 - Click the  icon to save your settings.
Step 6 - The system will notify you that the changes need to applied to the server by restarting the involved services or rereading the new configuration. Execute the required tasks.