Bloomberg Vault - Instant Messaging

Available in version 8.4 and later

This page guides the users through the configuration of a Bloomberg Vault service as a Storage Target in the system.

Bloomberg Vault is a cloud-based information management service that delivers compliance, eDiscovery, and enterprise, archiving by leveraging the scalability and reliability of Bloomberg’s global infrastructure.
Organizations use Bloomberg Vault to manage and archive a broad range of enterprise communications and collaboration data, including email, instant message (IM), mobile, files, voice data and social media. 
The SaaS solution provides information governance and information analytics solutions, including enterprise archiving, surveillance, eDiscovery, trade reconstruction and data analytics.

For a general description of storage targets, please refer to Storage and export targets.

Please refer to the official Bloomberg Vault guide to configure the cloud service.

In Bloomberg Vault: Instant Messaging, only IM recordings can be stored.

Supported Data Management PoliciesExport
Supported Record Types / Modalities

Instant Message


Creating a Bloomberg Vault: Instant Messaging target

Follow the steps below to create a new Verba Storage target for Bloomberg Vault:

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data > Storage targets from the top menu.

Step 2 - Click on Add New Storage Target

Step 3 - Fill in the configuration form according to the requirements in the following table.

Configuration itemDescription
NameName your storage target. This name will identify this target across the system.
TypeSelect Bloomberg
Target Email AddressSpecify the Email Address of the Bloomberg Vault service
Source Email AddressSpecify the Email Address that should be used to send the data to the Bloomberg Vault
SMTP ServerAddress of the SMTP Server
SMTP TLS EncryptionCheck the checkbox if you want to turn on SMTP TLS Encryption
PortSMTP Port
Login NameEmail Login Name of the Source Email Address
PasswordEmail Password of the Source Email Address

Step 4 - Click Save to save the settings

After this point, the Storage target is available for use by other Verba components (e.g. Data management policies).