Data processors

Data processors represent integrations with external data processing solutions such as transcription engines/providers. In order to use a data processing policy which requires an external processor, a data processor entry has to be created. Data processing policies using the built-in functionality of the system (such as voice quality check, speech indexing, encryption, etc.) does not require data processor setup.

Available data processors:


Find and list data processors

Select the Data / Data Processors menu item. You can use the search form below the title to filter for data processors: just select your filter and click Find.

Creating a data processor

You can create a new data processor by clicking on the Add Data Processor link on the Data / Data Processors page. 

Follow the data processor specific instructions to create a new data processor.

Modifying and deleting data processors

To edit a data processor entry, you have to click on the desired row of the list showing data processors. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically. 

To make changes effective, press the Save button.

You can delete the data processor by clicking on the Delete button. Make sure there is no data processing policy using the processor.