Server and service configuration

Server Configuration and Configuration Profiles

The Verba system enables administrators to centrally configure all Verba servers in a distributed recording system. The central configuration uses the concept of configuration profiles, that store common configuration settings of multiple servers, allowing simple configuration changes across many similar recording servers or desktop clients. Verba servers can be configured individually or through their configuration profiles in the Verba Web Application under Administration / Verba Servers or Administration / Configuration Profiles.

There are two types of configurations settings in the system:

  • ones, which require service restart in order to take effect and
  • ones, which can be modified on-the-fly without service restarts.

The system stores the affected service names and the type of the way of the configuration refresh for every configuration setting. So, after changing a configuration setting, the administrators will be notified, which service has to be restarted, which service has to reread the settings on-the-fly, etc. Administrators are also able to individually override the automatically generated tasks if certain conditions have to be met.

Every Verba server runs a service, called Verba Node Manager Agent, which is responsible for handling the central configuration actions and this service also provides server status information and service control and activation functionality.

After initial installation, every server is automatically registered into the central configuration database and the default server configuration profile is assigned also.

Configuration settings related to recorded phone numbers are also administered through this central configuration module.