Data management policy audit log

The audit file is a standard CSV file where the values in each row are separated by semicolons. Each row represents a single conversation record in the audit log file. The name of the file contains all tasks executed by the Verba Storage Management and the Verba Import service produces an audit log stored on the given Verba server. The audit log files can be found under the standard "[LOG]\storage audit" where [LOG] is the standard log folder path.

  • the type of the policy (e.g. delete, upload),
  • the policy ID, and
  • a timestamp representing the start date and time of the task execution.

The following table describes the available fields in the log file:

ColumnSample valueDescription
ccdr_id39896902-7fbf-11e4-8104-0050568b7c85Unique conversation ID
native_id3bb3a699-a3f3-40c6-8fae-f786dda2d5eb|1353|-1Unique conversation ID derived from the signaling messages
n_files3Number of files effected by the action. The system stores multiple files for each conversation record such as metadata XML, waveform, etc.
src_folder_id2Source storage target ID
src_folder_nameMR StorageSource storage target name
src_folder_typemrSource storage target type
src_folder_pathE:\mediaSource storage target path
dst_folder2Destination storage target ID
dst_folder_idMR StorageDestination storage target name
dst_folder_typemrDestination storage target type
dst_folder_pathE:\mediaDestination storage target path
policy_id3Data retention policy ID
policy_nameDelete from MRData retention policy name
actiondeleteData retention policy type
error_code0Error code
error_desc Error description
ts2014.12.09 17:02:30.253Timestamp
retention_start Data retention start date and time if configured
retention_period0Data retention period if configured
retention_auto_deletefalseIndicates if automatic deletion is configured for the record

Data management policy audit logs are never deleted.