Network Storage

This page provides a guide to configuring standard network storage as a Storage Target in Verba. The system supports the following network file protocols:

For a general description of storage targets, please refer to Storage and export targets.

Follow the steps below to create a new storage target for your network storage:

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data Management > Storage targets from the top menu.

Step 2 - Click on Add New Storage Target

Step 3 - Fill out the configuration form according to the requirements in the following table.

Configuration itemDescription
NameName your storage target. This name will identify this target across the system.
TypeSelect Network Storage
PathSpecify the path where the storage is accessible in the Windows file system (UNC path)
Use custom credentials for accessing file share

Defines if the system will use custom credentials to access the network storage. Enable this setting if you want to use credential-based authentication for the network storage.

If unchecked, the system will use the service logon user to authenticate when connecting to the network storage. The service logon user has to be set for the following services on all servers:

  • Verba Storage Management Service
  • Verba Web Application Service
  • Verba Media Streamer and Content Server Service
  • Verba Screen Capture Multiplexer Service
  • Verba Media Utility Service
Login NameLogin name of the user authorized to access the network storage
PasswordPassword for the user
Export TargetWhen enabled, the storage target is available as an export target for all or specific users. 

Step 4 - Click Save to save the settings

After this point, the storage target is available for use by other Verba components (e.g. Data management policies).