Symphony Instant Messages - Files - CDRs

The secure, cloud-based communications platform that connects markets and individuals, Symphony promotes collaboration and increases workflow productivity while maintaining organizational compliance.

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Symphony can export the contents of conversations to shared folders. Verba then can import these files from this location and move them to the storage locations.

For a general description of import sources, please refer to Import sources.

Supported import formats:

  • XML (recommended)
  • EML

Import is supported for the following features:

  • Instant Messaging import
  • File Transfer import
  • CDR reconciliation for voice, video, screen recordings (Symphony XML format only)

Creating a Symphony import source

Follow the steps below to create a new Verba Import source for Symphony: 

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data / Import Sources from the top menu

Step 2 - Click on the Add New Import Source link on the top right

Step 3 - Complete the configuration according to the requirements in the following table

Configuration item
NameName your import source. This name will identify this source across the system
TypeSelect Symphony XML (recommended) or Symphony EML
Source folder

Specify the network path to the shared folder where the Symphony conversations are available for import

Login NameLogin name for the network folder
PasswordPassword for the network folder

Step 4 - Click Save to save the settings

Import policy configuration

Follow the steps below to configure the Data Import action:

Step 1 - In the Verba web interface, navigate to Data / Data Management Policies

Step 2 - Click on the Add New Data Management Policy button at the top-right corner of the page

Step 3 - For the action, select Data Import

Step 4 - Under Available Import Sources, select the Import Source that you created, then click on the Add button just below the text field

Step 5 - Configure the policy details, based on the information below:

Configuration Parameter NameDescription
Enable Recording RulesSpecifies if all data should be processed in the imported data set or just the records of the recorded users as configured in Verba
Execute Only on Selected ServersIf enabled, a specific server can be chosen that will run this policy

Step 6 - Set up how frequently the import should be run in the Scheduling section

Step 7 - Click on Save