Quality Management Guide


This guide is for contact center supervisors who manage quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms or evaluate and score interactions.

Verba Performance and Quality Management system provides an easy-to-use and flexible solution for developing quality management system in a contact center. A key part of this framework is the agent scoring component.

Quality Management Process

You can use Verba to improve the quality of your contact center in 4 steps: 

  1. Establish quality management criteria - You can do this by designing your evaluation forms
  2. Identify the scope of your quality management work - In Verba, this is achieved by setting up evaluation projects
  3. Evaluate interactions - This is an ongoing work, where you are evaluating and scoring interactions
  4. Follow results - You can use reporting and dashboards to follow quality assurance progress


Easy-to-use evaluation forms

  • Intuitive, user friendly, web based interface with drag & drop features
  • Entirely integrated into the Verba Recording System framework
  • Multiple question types with appearance control (radio, listbox, etc.)
  • Weighting (sections, questions)
  • Skill assignment feature for questions to provide an additional layer of evaluation
  • Form auto fail options for each question
  • Default value settings
  • 30+ configurable form and call detail fields displayed on the scorecard

Flexible selection of interactions for evaluation and scoring

  • Project based framework
  • Option for group/agent based call selection
  • Mathematically and statistically correct random selection
  • Configurable access control for supervisors
  • Score classification settings
  • Interactions for scoring are automatically presented for the supervisors in the project
  • Integrated Verba Player with all the features including enhanced playback controls, markers, etc.
  • Support for sharing and discussing scorecard information with agents
  • Supervisor calibration

Table of contents

Designing evaluation forms

Contact center supervisors can design various evaluation forms for consistent scoring of agent interactions.

Setting up evaluation projects

Agent scoring happens in evaluation projects, defined by a set of calls and an evaluation form used by the supervisors for scoring.

Evaluating and scoring interactions

This topic describes how the actual evaluation project is executed by supervisors.

Reporting and Dashboards

Screen capturing