Audit logs

The system creates audit logs for the following aspects of the system:

 Events / ContentFormat / AccessLocation
User actions on web interface

All user actions are logged with related metadata such as login, playback, search, configuration change and 100+ other events.

Audit log for user related events

Searching a call playback event

  • Search interface at System / Audit Log page
  • Reports
  • Dashboard widget
Verba SQL Server
Data retention policies

All storage policy actions are logged where each row represents a single conversation record in the audit log file with related information on the action. Customer Identification Data (CID) is not logged.

Data management policy audit log

  • CSV Files
Verba server which executed the policy
Data retention policies

All storage policy actions are logged for each conversation record affected by the policy.

Conversation audit log

  • View interface at Conversation Details / View Conversations Audit Log page
Verba SQL Server
Disposal log

Summarized information of deletions

Disposal audit log

  • Reports
Verba SQL Server
Communication policies

All communication policy actions are logged with information about disclaimers were sent, when session and content blocking rules were used, notifications sent, etc.

Communication Policy Audit Log

  • Search interface at Communication Policies / Audit Log page
  • Reports
Verba SQL Server