iTernity iCAS

This page provides a guide for configuring an iTernity iCAS middleware as a Storage Target in the system.

iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an enterprise archive and data protection software that helps organizations store data flexibly and securely, and helps additionally to fulfill manifold regulatory requirements and internal corporate policies in information archiving. Built upon industry standards and Windows platforms and supporting various kinds of storage platforms (SAN, DAS, Object, Cloud), iCAS offers the adaptability today's IT departments need. iCAS is a flexible and cost-efficient Software-Defined Archiving solution for the long-term protection of critical enterprise data. iCAS acts as a middleware layer between data management applications (e.g. DMS/ECM systems, e-mail archiving, PACS, etc.) and hard disk-based or object storage systems. Archive data are protected from manipulation and deletion in Content Storage Containers (CSC) and can then be stored in an audit-proof manner on standard storage systems from any manufacturer. The patented CSC technology by iCAS facilitates enormous flexibility and integration into existing IT infrastructures. In doing so, iCAS facilitates WORM protection (Write Once Read Many) and the management of retention periods for the archive data. Additional options for data encryption and compression enable the highest security and efficient utilization of storage. iCAS operates as object-based storage software and creates content-based identifiers for the containers The identifiers are created using SHA-512 hash values and make it possible to conduct an integrity check of the containers at any time.

For more information on iCAS, see

The Verba system automatically applies the retention period on the files, using the iCAS file level retention feature, when the files are moved/uploaded to iCAS. The system uses the standard SMB protocol for file operations. 

If you don't want to use the file level retention feature, you need to setup a standard network storage target pointing to iCAS, see Network Storage.

For a general description of storage targets, please refer to Storage and export targets.

Creating an iTernity iCAS target

Follow the steps below to create a new Verba storage target for iTernity iCAS:

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data Management / Storage targets from the top menu.

Step 2 - Click on Add New Storage Target

Step 3 - Fill out the configuration form according to the requirements in the following table.

Configuration itemDescription
NameName your storage target. This name will identify this target across the system.
TypeSelect iTernity iCAS
PathSpecify the path where the storage is accessible in the Windows file system (UNC path)

Step 4 - Click Save to save the settings

After this point, the Storage target is available for use by other Verba components (e.g. Data retention policies).

Using custom credentials for accessing file share

It is possible to use credentials other than the service user for each iTernity iCAS storage. If you want to use custom credentials, check the "Use custom credentials for accessing the file share" checkbox, then provide the credentials.