Import sources

Import sources define the connection parameters and configuration of the data source for import. The system supports the following import sources:

Find and list import sources

In the Verba menu, navigate to the Data > Import Sources page. The search form below the title can be used to filter import sources.

Creating an import source

A new import source can be created by clicking on the Add New Import Source link at the top-right corner of the Data > Import Sources page.

The layout of the interface to create the new import source is determined by the technology that will be used. Please refer to the individual technology guides for instructions on how to configure them.

After completing the configuration, click on Save. After this point, the import source will be available for use by data management policies.

Modifying and deleting import sources

To edit an import source entry, click on the desired row of the list showing registered import sources. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically. 

To apply the changes, press the Save button.

The import source can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button.