Available in version 9.0 and later

This page provides a guide to configuring an EMC ECS storage as a Storage Target in the Verba Recording System.

ECS provides comprehensive protocol support for unstructured (Object and File) workloads on a single, cloud-scale storage platform. With ECS, you can easily manage your globally distributed storage infrastructure under a single global namespace with anywhere access to content. ECS features a flexible software-defined architecture that is layered to promote limitless scalability. Each layer is completely abstracted and independently scalable with high availability and no single points of failure. Any organization can now realize true cloud-scale economics in their own data centers.

For a general description of storage targets, please refer to Storage and export targets.

Verba can use the following API aspects of the EMC ECS:

EMC ECS APIVerba Storage Target typeLimitationExample Configuration


S3 Compatible Storage

  • No retention on storage
  • No legal hold on storage

For details configuration guide, see S3 Compatible Storage

Centera CAS


EMC Centera

  • You need to download the '.PEA' file from ECS. This PEA file always needs to be present at this path on each of the Verba servers (Media Repositories and Recording Servers).
  • Primary Cluster Adress(es): enter the list of ECS endpoints FQDN or IP address based on the ECS configuration

For detailed configuration guide, see EMC Centera

There is no specific EMC ECS storage target available in the Storage Targets drop-down in the Verba interface. You have to choose one of the API options mentioned above and use the corresponding knowledge base page to configure it.