Call Recording as a Service

With the Verba Recording System Service Provider edition you can start providing your hosted Unified Communications customers call recording solutions from the "cloud".

Depending on the network scenario you can offer recording without placing recording equipment at customer sites.

This solution is simple which enables the following:

  1. Your customers can make regular phone calls in the usual manner
  2. The Verba Recording System Service Provider edition servers are recording calls in your data center
  3. Your customers access recordings through a secure web interface

Multi-tenancy and user administration

The Verba Recording System Service Provider edition provides support for multiple "tenants" within the same recording system.

Using this, multiple organizations can be hosted on a single system and all organizations can view a complete solution customized for their needs: 

  • Multi-tenancy separates customers, while providing with a full feature set
  • Every customer sees "their own call recording system"
  • Saves servers, which drives operational costs down

Further service provider features

The Service Provider edition provides advanced capabilities designed for telecom companies: