Genesys integration for Cisco network based recording


The Verba Recording System supports Genesys CTI integration as part of the Verba Cisco JTAPI ServiceUsing this integration the recording system provides access to Genesys specific call data.

The Genesys CTI integration is only available when using Cisco network-based recording with JTAPI.

The Verba system supports Genesys active recording, see Genesys.

Collected Genesys parameters (configurable)

  • ANI
  • DNIS
  • Call Type
  • This Party
  • This Party Role
  • This Party Queue
  • This Party Trunk
  • Other Party
  • Other Party Role
  • Other Party Queue
  • Other Party Trunk
  • Call UUID
  • UserData.GSIP_REC_FN

Configuring the Cisco JTAPI Service for Genesys integration

The Cisco Genesys integration is built into your standard Verba solution.

Step 1 - The metadata is stored in a pre-configured metadata template. To use the built-in Cisco Genesys template, associate it with the desired Verba user group (the group where your Genesys agents and supervisors are) via the following web interface configuration page: Users / Groups / <select a group> / Metadata Template Association

The collected data is configurable in the Metadata Template, thus if you change the Property Id of the fields or add new fields to the template, the system will start collecting that data as well.

In order to read the data of custom attached user fields from Genesys, in the Genesys Metadata Template use the "UserData." prefix in the Property Id. For example: UserData.MyField

After a Genesys Metadata Template changed, the affected Verba Cisco JTAPI Service(s) have to be restarted on the Recording Server(s).

Step 2 - On the Verba web interface, navigate to System / Servers, select the Recording Server where the Verba Cisco JTAPI Service is enabled.

Step 3 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab and expand the Cisco JTAPI Configuration / Cisco Genesys Integration section.

Step 4 - Fill out the configuration fields according to the table below.

Parameter nameDescription
Genesys T-Server IP(s)

After clicking on the gear icon at the end of the line, the following fields can be configured:

  • User
  • Password
  • IP Address(es) and ports
    the port should be separated by a | (pipe) character, the default port is 9020
Target Genesys Field for Verba Call IDVerba will attach the Verba Call ID to this Genesys User Data Field. 

Step 5 - Click on the  icon to save your settings.

Step 6 - The system will notify you that the changes need to be applied to the server by restarting the involved services or rereading the new configuration. Execute the required tasks.

After executing the steps above, Genesys related metadata will be collected for all new calls. Check Call Details.

You can show Cisco Genesys metadata as columns in your search results by modifying the Conversation list layout.