Configuring SMS Recording

Configuring the Verba SMS Recorder service

Step 1 - In the Verba Web Interface go to System > Servers > Select your Recording (or Single) Server  > Click on the Service Activation tab.

Step 2 - Activate the Verba SMS Recorder Service by clicking on the  icon.

Step 3 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab.

Step 4 - Expand the SMS Recorder node.

Step 5 - Set a value for the Internal Domain, Numbers Pattern parameter. The value is a regular expression that defines the internal phone numbers or number ranges to accurately identify the direction of the recorded calls.

In multi-tenant environments, if an internal pattern regular expression is defined in both the environment and the SMS Recording configuration, the pattern specified in the environment configuration is used to determine the internal values, not the pattern defined in the SMS Recording configuration.

Step 6 - At the SMPP Connections setting, click on the  icon to add a new connection.

Step 7 - In the left panel, provide the SMS-C Host and the SMS-C Port settings.

Step 8 - Provide the credentials in the System ID and Password settings.

Step 9 - Select the SMPP version.

Step 10 - Click on the Save button.

Secure Connection

If secure connection is required, the following settings have to be set:

TLS Certificate: The thumbprint of the Verba server certificate being used for the connection.

TLS Trust List: The thumbprint of the remote server certificate, or the thumbprint of the CA certificate which issued the remote server certificate. Alternatively, "*" can be used. In this case, every certificate going to be trusted, whose CA certificate can be found in under the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities folder. If left empty, every certificate going to be trusted.

Alternatively, .crt/.cer and .key files can be used. In this case, UNC paths can be provided in the STLS Certificate and the TLS Key file settings, and the TLS Key file password has to be provided.

Step 11 - Save the changes by clicking on the  icon.

Step 12 - A notification banner will appear on the top. Click on the click here link, so you will be redirected to the Configuration Tasks tab. Click on the Execute button in order to execute the changes.

Step 13 - Click on the Service Control tab.

Step 14 - Start the Verba SMS Recorder Service by clicking on the  icon.

Configure extensions

After finalizing the configuration of the recording services, make sure you have added the extensions you want to record to the Verba extension list. This can be done manually (Extension list) or using Active Directory Synchronization.