Installing your Verba Recording System

Correct installation of your Verba Recording System ensures stable operation of your system.

Installation steps:

Step 1 - Download your Verba Install Kit

Download your Verba Install Kit from support site (requires login) and place it on your servers.

If you have no login for the Support Site register here:

Step 2 - Install your Verba Server(s)

Make sure your servers fulfill the requirements of our Select your server page. The Verba Recording System supports Virtualization.

Based on the choosed deployment archiceture and recording method, you can start installing the Verba servers and components.

    • Single server - your Media Repository and Recording Server components will be installed on a single server.
    • Multiple servers - you will install a Media Repository and standalone Recording Servers on multiple servers.

After all servers are prepared, start Installing your Verba servers.

Step 3 - (Optional) Install your Verba Desktop Recorders

The Verba Desktop Recorder component provides desktop recording services. It requires a Verba server deployed in your network for operation. This component is required if you plan to use desktop screen capturing.

Start Installing the Verba Desktop Agent.

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Do you need installation help?

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