Configuring Cisco UC Gateway for recording

In order to take advantage of the Cisco UC gateway RTP forking method and use the Verba Recording System's Cisco UC Gateway Recording method, configuration of the voice gateway(s) are required. This technology e.g. allows you to recording Jabber mobile calls, even if they do not enter your network.

This recording method requires Cisco UC ISR G2 routers with Cisco IOS Release 15.2(2)T or newer. The WSAPI makes possible recording calls where at least one leg is SIP or TDM.

Configuration steps in gateway's IOS

Step 1 - Enter terminal configuration mode

  1. enable
  2. configure terminal

Step 2 - Enable HTTP server module

  1. ip http server: enter HTTP configuration mode
  2. ip http max-connection value (optional): Sets the maximum number of concurrent connections to the HTTP sever that will be allowed. The default value is 5.
  3. ip http timeout-policy idle seconds life seconds requests value (optional): Sets the characteristics that determine how long a connection to the HTTP server should remain open. The default values are: idle 600 life 86400 requests 86400.
  4. http client persistent (required): Enables HTTP persistent connections.
  5. http client connection idle timeout seconds (optional): Sets the number of seconds that the client waits in the idle state until it closes the connection. The default value is 600. 

Step 3 - Enable gateway API

  1. uc wsapi: enter GW API configuration mode
  2.  message-exchange max-failures number (optional): Configures the maximum number of failed message exchanges between the application and the provider before the provider stops sending messages to the application. Range is 1 to 3. Default is 1.
  3.  probing max-failures number (optional): Configures the maximum number of failed probing messages before the router unregisters the application. Range is 1 to 5. Default is 3.
  4.  probing interval keepalive seconds (optional): Configures the interval between probing messages, in seconds. Default is 120 seconds.
  5.  probing interval negative seconds (optional): Configures the interval between negative probing messages, in seconds.
  6.  source-address ip-address (required): Configures the IP address (hostname) as the source IP address for the UC IOS service.

Step 4 - Enable XCC API service

  1. uc wsapi: enter GW API configuration mode
  2. provider xcc: enter Call Control API configuration mode
  3. remote-url url: specifies recorder server's URL. It is used to contact the recorder and IP : Port part authenticates Register requests from recorder. Please note that resource part must be cisco_xcc, for example:
  4. no shutdown: enabled API
  5. exit
  6. end

Configuration example

ip http server
http client persistent
uc wsapi
source-address router_ip
provider xcc
remote-url http://verba_rec:8090/cisco_xcc
no shutdown

If you are using IP access list, you should allow HTTP connection from/to the recorder on the defined port, and allow RTP flow from GW to the recorder in the given UDP port range. The WSAPI module listens on TCP 8090 for HTTP api requests.