Configuring Genesys active recording


For more information on the integration with Genesys, see Genesys

The configuration consists of:

Step 1 - Configuring Genesys

Step 2 - Configuring Verba for Genesys active recording

Step 3 - Add recorded users to Verba

This can be done manually (Extension list) or using Active Directory Synchronization. In the case of Genesys active recording:

  • the directory number of the agent has to be added as recorded extensions,
  • if the directory number is shared across multiple agents (free seating), the "Shared Line" text has to be added to the description of the recorded extension,
  • and in addition, the agent IDs have to be added as well (when adding (or synchronizing) the agent IDs, the Type of the extensions has to be set to User/Agent ID). 

Step 4 - Test all recording scenarios