Configuring Verba for Cisco recording

Verba supports voice, video and Jabber IM recording in the Cisco environments. In addition to this, other Cisco features also can be utilized.


Before deploying the solution, select the right deployment option and recording method based on the requirements. The Verba system can be deployed in multiple ways, supporting various recording methods.

Before starting the configuration, every Verba server, and component have to be installed. For more information: Cisco

Configuring Verba for Cisco Voice and Video recording

Configuring Verba for Cisco IM recording

The configuration steps are different based on the IM&P server version.

Configuring Verba for Cisco Jabber File Transfer recording

Verba capable of recording the files shared during P2P chat sessions, persistent chat rooms, and ad-hoc chat conferences. For the configuration, see: Configuring Verba for Cisco Jabber File Transfer recording

Configuring Other Verba features for Cisco

Configuring Central Silent Monitoring and Whisper Coaching

Advanced Call Recording Rules

Configuring the Cisco IP Phone Service

Configuring the Verba Cisco MediaSense connector

Cisco UCCX Integration

Cisco UCCE Integration

Genesys Integration for Cisco Network-Based Recording

Configuring Cisco UC Gateway for recording

Configuring Verba Cisco Recording Announcement for Inbound PSTN Calls

Configuring Verba Cisco Recording Announcement for Outbound PSTN Calls

Configuring Cisco Expressway for recording through Mobile and Remote Access (MRA)