Configuring IP-based Radio Recording

Verba can record several radio dispatch centers or radio gateways which are capable of sending a copy of the radio channels in RTP format to the Verba Recording Server over IP. The recording was tested with the following solutions:

Configuring Verba for IP-based Radio Recording

Once the RTP ports are configured on the radio dispatch / gateway side, the Verba Analogue and Radio Recorder Service (Verba General Media Recorder Service in the older versions of Verba) has to be configured:

Step 1 - Create a new recordingchannels.xml file in the C:\Program Files\Verba\setting folder. You can download the sample from here.

Step 2 - To configure the channels for recording, add the lines to the recordingchannels.xml file according to the configuration on the radio dispatch / gateway side.

typeThe type of the channel. The options are "telex_roip" or "voip".
idUnique ID for the channel. Can be anything.
eidThe Verba tenant environment ID for the channel. Required only in the case of multi-tenant Verba deployment.
Caller / Called
idThe ID of the caller / called. This filed will populate the "From" or "To" (phone number) fields of the record.
nameThe name of the caller / called. This filed will populate the "From Info" or "To Info" fields of the record.
multicastThe multicast IP address of the recorder. Required only in the case of multicast listening.
portThe incoming port for the channel. In the case of single-channel RTP recording, the caller and called ports are the same.
codecThe codec of the incoming RTP stream. The options are "G726_32", "VOX" or "DVI4". Required only in the case of Bosch Telex recording.

Step 3 - Fill in the properties of the channels and save the file.

Step 4 - Log in to Verba and go to the System \ Servers, select your server, click on the Service Activation Tab, and activate the Verba Analogue and Radio Recorder Service by clicking on the  icon.

Spet 5 - After activating the service click on the Change Configuration Settings Tab and scroll to the service's node and configure the incoming port range according to the configuration in the recordingchannels.xml file:

Step 6 - Save the changes by clicking on the  icon.

Step 7 - A notification banner will appear on the top. Click on the click here link, so you will be redirected to the Configuration Tasks tab. Click on the Execute button in order to execute the changes.

Spet 8 - Click on the Service Control tab, and start the Verba Analogue and Radio Recorder Service by clicking on the  icon.