Configuring DTMF control and recording

Passive and SIPREC based recording services support the following DTMF specific features for RFC 2833 DTMF:

  • On demand call keeping by feature access code
  • Marker addition by feature access code
  • Recording of DTMF sequences as Verba call markers 

Active feature and specify FACs

Step 1 - Navigate to the Administration / Verba Servers menu item and select the corresponding server from the list.

Step 2 - Go to the Change Configuration Settings tab in the Verba Server management screen.

Step 3 - Enable feature, and set feature access codes:

    • Add marker point: adds a zero length marker
    • Begin a marker: starts a new marker, implicitly closes previous open.
    • End a marker: ends an open marker, so call segments can be marked
    • Keep ondemand call: records on demand call
    • DTMF grouping timeout: timeout till recorder is looking for DTMF chars to put in the same marker