Configuring Verba for Cisco Jabber File Transfer recording


Enable Managed File Transfer

The files shared can be recorded only if the Managed File Transfer is enabled and configured at the Cisco IM&P side. For the configuration, refer to the following article:

Create a User

An End User has to be created on the Cisco side, which going to be used by the Verba Recording Server. No special right needed.

Configuring Verba for Cisco Jabber File Transfer recording

Step 1 - In the Verba Web Interface go to System > Servers > Select your Recording (or Single) Server  > Click on the Service Activation tab.

Step 2 - Activate the Verba Cisco Compliance Service by clicking on the  icon.

Step 3 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab.

Step 4 - Expand the Cisco Compliance Service \ XMPP Client node.

Step 5 - Set the Enable XMPP Client setting to Yes.

Step 6 - Provide the Cisco IM&P Server Address setting. This should be the IP address of the IM&P publisher.

Step 7 - Provide the details of the end user created for Verba at the IM&P side in the XMPP Domain, Jabber Login ID, and Jabber Password settings.


Step 8 - Save the changes by clicking on the  icon.

Step 9 - A notification banner will appear on the top. Click on the click here link, so you will be redirected to the Configuration Tasks tab. Click on the Execute button in order to execute the changes.

Step 10 - Click on the Service Control tab.

Step 11 - Start the Verba Cisco Compliance Service by clicking on the  icon. 

Configure extensions

After finalizing the configuration of the recording services, make sure you have added the SIP URIs you want to record to the Verba extension list. This can be done manually (Extension list) or using Active Directory Synchronization.