Configuring media file upload

The recorded media has to be uploaded from the Recorder Servers to a central location. This central location can be a Verba Media Repository Server, a Combo Server, a network location or other compliance storages supported by Verba. Based on the settings non-policy based and policy based upload can be configured. When multiple Media Repositories used then it's recommended to use network location or policy based upload.

Non-policy based upload

Non-policy based upload is the default setting of the Verba Recorder Servers. In order to configure a Media Repository or a network location for a target, do the following steps:

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface, go to System > Servers, and select your Recording server (or Desktop Recorder).

Step 2 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab and in the configuration tree go to Storage Management > Upload node.

Step 3 - If you want to use a Media Repository local disk to store the media files then set the Upload Target setting to Media Repository Local Disk (default). If you want to use a network location then set it to Network Storage.

Step 4/a - If you previously chose Media Repository Local Disk then provide the Media Repository server hostname or IP address at the Storage Management > Storage Targets > Media Repository Local Disk > Media Repository IP Address or Hostname setting.

Step 4/b - If you previously chose Network Storage then provide the UNC path to the network location at the Storage Management > Storage Targets > Network Storage > UNC Path setting.

In case of Desktop Agents, the files have to be uploaded to the default media folder of the Media Repository (or Single) Server. (MR configuration \ Directories \ Media Folder)

Using Network Locations

When network location is used then it's important to note some requirements:

  • The service user of the Verba Storage Management services on all Verba servers needs full control privilege with special permissions to the location
  • The service user of the Verba Web Application and the Verba Media Utility services on the Verba Media Repository server(s) needs full control privilege with special permissions to the location
  • The network location has to be configured as Media Folder at the Verba Media Repository. This setting can be located in the server configuration under the Directories.

Step 5 - Save the configuration then repeat these steps for each Recording Server in your system. Finally, execute the changes.

Policy-based upload

In order to configure the policy based upload please see Upload policy.

Policy-based upload is not supported by the Verba Desktop Agent.