Silent monitoring ongoing conversations

Ongoing conversations can be silently monitored from the Conversations / Ongoing Conversations menu item.

The play or bubble icon indicate that the conversation can be silent monitored. If the user's right does not include the right to silent monitor conversations, no icon is displayed for the silent monitor icon.

Three types of silent monitoring features are available:

  • Online (works with all our recorders) - use the built-in web-based media player located at the bottom of the page (see the codec requirement below) - works with Cisco, Lync, Avaya and more
  • Phone-based (Cisco) - use Cisco silent monitoring, where the silent monitoring session is sent to the Cisco phone - only on Cisco UCM platforms
  • Whisper Coaching (Cisco) - use Cisco whisper coaching - only on Cisco UCM platforms above version 8.5
  • Dial-in (works with all our recorders) - a dedicated silent monitoring line can be called that streams ongoing conversations after authentication

The silent monitoring feature requires the Verba Unified Media Codec to be installed on the client computer. The codec can be downloaded from the download page at (requires login). During the silent monitoring session, the Windows Media Player is instructed to connect to the recording server directly on a configured port. The UDP port range 16384-16500 must be open on the firewall of the client PC, where the codec is installed (not on the server). Ports need to be opened on the Recording Servers, based on the platform being used (Please refer to Firewall configuration).

Do not press the play button on the media player on workstations without a sound card! The computer may freeze and rebooting might be necessary. This is caused by a Windows Media Player bug, we have little control over this.

The Chrome browser does not support the Media Player plugin so it cannot be used for Silent Monitoring.

For more information on using the Verba player see the Verba Player section.