Presentation of complex conversation scenarios

Complex conversation scenarios (like hunt groups, transfers, forwards and more) can be tracked using the additional information presented in the Caller info and Called info fields of the Conversation List.

The screenshot below illustrates a conversation transfer:

  1. is calling (an example for an internal information line)
  2. The conversation gets transferred to (it takes 13 seconds in this case to discuss the transfer)
  3. answers the conversation (33-second long discussion)

Conversations in the screen below are presented in reverse order with the latest conversation on the top (this order can be changed by clicking the column name on the top).

Having the different conversation legs in different conversation records provides security benefits. The supervisor of the address will see the transfer discussion, but if the person has no access to's conversations, then those will be not visible for that account.

This example is based on SIP addresses (e.g. on a Microsoft Lync platform), but regular phone numbers are also presented the same way. If the display name is available in the phone system, the caller/called info field also displays that name.