Agent View


The Agent View provides contact center supervisors (users with system supervisors and group supervisor rights) that ability, to

  • see conversation status of all agents on a single screen
  • see agent desktop screens and start monitor sessions.

For the desktop screen functionality, users need to install the Verba Desktop Agent on the PCs of the contact center agents.

Agent View settings

On the top of the Agent View, the settings change how the agent information is presented:

Group selector

Show only the supervised group if the logged in user is System supervisor the drop down contains every group

Grid size selectorThis drop down set the size of the current grid. (3x3, 4x4 (default), 5x5)
Enable agent screensTurns on the agent screen monitoring and shows the screen thumbnails at every agent (Default: OFF)
Disable agent screensTurns off the agent screen monitoring and hides the thumbnails
Save settingsStores the previously set options into the database. Next time the user goes to the Agent View the saved settings will be loaded
RefreshRefreshes the Agent View grid. Refreshes every thumbnail.
Show Idle ScreensAll extensions with enabled Desktop Screen recording is listed (checkbox is only available if the user has the Agent View Scope permission set to 'On the phone' & Idle Screens - for more information check User Roles page.
Show Available ScreensShow extensions with connected/available desktop only

The grid view provides the followings:

  • grid of agents - where each agent is always in the same place for easy follow-up
  • conversation status and remote party number - Every 5 seconds the grid view updates and shows the conversation status of the agents. Agents with an ongoing conversation are marked with a red border and shows the number/address of the other party
  • thumbnail video - by moving the cursor over an agent's thumbnail, it will continuously refresh until the mouse cursor stays over it
  • initiate monitoring - click on the thumbnail to monitor the agent screen in large resolution

Monitoring the desktop of an agent

By clicking on any of the displayed agents in the Agent View, you can open a monitoring session, which shows a fullscreen view of the agent's desktop.

The current desktop screen of the agent is streamed into this window in high resolution and keeps refreshing until the view is closed by clicking on the shaded territory around the stream.

The two arrows on the left and right of the screen let you navigate between the agent's screens real-time.