Quick Reference Guide

A quick overview of the web interface, the web-based media player, the search screen and the Cisco IP phone app.

User Guide

This guide explains how to access, search, list and play back phone calls, how to share and publish media and how to work with Cisco phones.

Administration Guide

This guide is targeted for administrators responsible for managing user and group rights and register recorded phones and more.

Quality Management Guide

This guide is for contact center supervisors who manage quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms or evaluate and score interactions.

Ethical Wall Guide

The guide explains the Verba Ethical Wall solution. It describes the design, configuration and administration of the solution.

Advanced Compliance Guide

This guide contains articles about the features in Verba that were created specifically to make it possible for organizations to comply with regulatory requirements.

Speech Analytics Guide

The system offers speech transcription and phonetic search to allow searching in voice conversations. Refer to the corresponding guides to understand the capabilities, language support, limitations and license requirements for each.

Reporting and Dashboard Guide

Operation and Maintenance Guide

This guide is for system managers working with monitoring, troubleshooting, SQL administration and backup/restore operations.

Deployment Guide

This guide is for system and network engineers who plan, install and configure Verba solutions.

  • DesignWhen you design your system you have to make decisions about how you will deploy your system.
  • Install
  • ConfigureThe Verba Recording System needs configuration both in your network and in the system itself.

Integration Guide

This guide is for system architects and developers building integrated solutions (includes HTTP Business API, HTTP Single Sign-On API and more).