Private conversations

In the Verba System, users can flag a conversation as "private".  After a conversation was flagged as private, other users (including supervisors and administrators) are not allowed to play back the conversations (only users having participated in the conversation).

This feature is only available for users who participated in the conversation, whose user profile includes the right to flag a conversation private.

Private conversations can be easily listed using the Conversations / Private conversations submenu. The private conversation list is maintained separately for each user (every user has different private conversation list).

Private conversation flagging is built into the commenting feature. The "Private" flag is an embedded dcomment field of the default comment template.

The only way to play back a private conversation is by logging into the system with a username and password belonging to one of the conversation participants. If the parties deny providing their password, system administrators can change the passwords.

To remove the "private" flag, just uncheck the corresponding checkbox on the conversation detail page and save the changes.

Conversations can be flagged as "private" from the telephone by using the Verba XML service. For further information see Flagging a conversation as private.