Playing back recorded conversations

A recorded conversation can be directly played back from the conversation list by clicking on the left most (play) icon in the conversation list table. The icon has a different display depending on the following conditions:

Play - By pressing the play icon left to the conversation list record, the selected conversation is loaded into the player and playback starts immediately.
Locked - This icon indicates that one of the parties flagged the conversation as private.  If the current user did not participate in the conversation, they cannot play this conversation back.
No media file - If there is no media file for the selected conversation, the no media file icon appears.
Not uploaded - If the media file has not been uploaded yet to the Media Repository, the not uploaded icon is displayed.  This icon is only applicable for distributed, multi-site Verba deployment.
Archived - If the media file has been archived for the selected conversation, the archived icon appears.  If the media file is in the archive folder, it can be played back by pressing this icon.

If the user's permission does not include the right to play back recorded conversations, no icon is displayed in the place of the play icon.

After pressing the play icon, the selected media file loads into the media player located at the bottom of the page.  The media player starts playing the loaded conversation automatically.

Do not press the play button on the media player on workstations without a sound card! The computer may freeze and reboot will be necessary. This is a Windows Media Player issue.

For more information on using the Verba player see the Verba Player section.

Providing playback reason

Users can be prompted for providing Playback Reason when clicking on the Play icon. In this case, the web-based media player will pop up only when the reason is provided.

For this feature, the "Require Access (Playback/View/Download) Reason" setting has to be turned on at the user's role. For more information, see User roles and User permissions.