Downloading a single media file

If a user is granted the download right (given by an administrator), they are able to download the recorded media file to their local PCs. For setting a download right see Verba Administration GuideUser Administration.

Click the download icon next to the media file you need to download. The download operation starts automatically.

Downloading time depends on the file size and the connection speed.

The filename of the media file is generated automatically in the following format:


where .ext is the extension of the media file, depending on the file format.

Providing download reason

Users can be prompted for providing Playback Reason when clicking on the Play icon. In this case, the web-based media player will pop up only when the reason is provided.

For this feature, the "Require Access (Playback/View/Download) Reason" setting has to be turned on at the user's role. For more information, see User roles and User permissions.