Media player quick reference

Verba media player controls


1.Waveform display4.Status bar showing actual player status
2.Marker5.Playback controls
3.Timeline6.Playback timer in Hr : Min : Sec : Millisec format

Player Control Icon




Jumps to the beginning of the media.

Fast reverse

Fast reverses, if applicable.


Stops the media playback (and repositions to the beginning).


Starts playing the stopped or paused media.

Play selected

Starts playing the selected timeframe.

In order to select a timeframe follow these steps:

  • Move the mouse over the timeline area.
  • Press the left mouse button and drag it to left/right to select a timeframe.
  • Release the mouse button the area will be highlighted.


Pauses the media playback.

Fast forward

Fast forwards, if applicable.


Jumps to the end of the media.

Volume control

Drag the volume bar and move the mouse to the left to decrease or to the right to increase the volume.

Speed control

Press the up arrow to increase and the down arrow to decrease the speed of the playback.  If you would like to reset the playing to normal speed, press the x1 button.

Balance control

Drag the balance bar and move the mouse to the left to mute the right speaker or to the right to mute the left speaker. *


Resizes to full screen.  This button is only available when the media type is video.

Skip silenceIf turned on, the player will automatically skip the silences longer than the provided value. Please note that this feaure requires the Voice Activity Statistics setting to be turned on at the recorder services!

Keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcutDescription

Move the position bar/playback 1 second back


Move the position bar/playback 1 second forward

CTRL+SpaceStop/Pause the playback
CTRL+UpIncrease the playback speed
CTRL+DownDecrease the playback speed
CTRL+Page UpIncrease volume by 5%
CTRL+Page DownDecrease volume by 5%

Marker specific controls

1.Show/Hide markers on the waveform display3.Save all markers button
2.Marker controls4.Marker descriptors - Move the mouse over the area to display the descriptions