Verba Offline Player


The Verba Player is designed to offer playback of encrypted media files on client computers.

The supported file formats are:

  • .vplb (Verba encrypted files)
  • .wav, .spx, .vox, .vmf, .au, .vf, .wmv, .vma, .asf, .pcma, .pcmu, .g722, .g729 (Media files)

Configuring a client PC for encrypted playback

In order to open encrypted media files the certificate with which it was encrypted is required to be installed on the client PC. The certificate must contain the private key.

How to open and play an encrypted file

To play an encrypted media:

Step 1 - Login to the Verba Web Interface and find your record using the Search menu

Step 2 - Download the file for local playback by clicking on the Download  icon

Step 3 - Start the Verba Player and click on the Open button on the bottom left corner

Step 4 - Find and select your downloaded media file for playback

Troubleshooting Playback Issues

In case of problems with the Verba Player verify the following: