Participant sets

Participant Sets allow users to search for recorded conversations by a predefined list of users or extensions.Overview

Participant sets can be shared with other users via user groups.

User permissions for participant sets

The table below summarizes user level permissions controlling access to participant sets.


Use Participant Set

Allows using participant sets.
Participant Set

Grants access to creating or sharing participant sets:

  • no access: The user is not allowed to create or share participant sets.
  • Define Users: With this permission, the user can create Participant Sets, but can't share them with other users.
  • Define & Share: Users with this permission can create and share Participant Sets.

Creating a Participant Set

In order to create a new Participant Set follow these steps:

Step 1 - Login to the web interface with the user who has Participant Set access control and the Define or Define&Share is enabled.

Step 2 - Navigate to the  Conversations / Participant Sets menu item and select Add New Participant Set on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3 - Name the new Participant Set.

Step 4 - Select one from the available types:


 Select from the following 'User Lookup Fields':

    • Display Name
    • Login
    • E-mail
    • Custom User Field 1
    • Custom User Field 2
    • Custom User Field 3
    • Custom User Field 4 
    • Custom User Field 5
Extension Verba will only match users with extensions.

Step 5 - Provide a brief description to the Participant Set.

Step 6 - With Define access control only continue with step 8. (The access control will be Private)

Step 7 - Select an Access Control. The following Access Controls are available:

PrivateNot shared with anyone. Only the user can see and use this Participant Set.
Selected UsersShared with given users and groups.
EveryoneEvery user can see and use this Participant Set.

Step 8 - Enter the Participant Set Items. (search criteria, custom field values, extension numbers, etc. )

Step 9 - Hit the save button to see which users/extensions (depending on the type) are included in this new Participant Set.

Sample view of the Participant Set Configuration page:

Using a Participant Set

Step 1 - Navigate to the Conversations page.

Step 2 - The Load Participant Set icon  is next to Phone Number (From or To Party) (extension type Participant Set) and User (user type Participant Set) input boxes.

Step 3 - Click on the icon and select the Participant Set to be used.

Step 4 - Hit the Search... button.