Dial-in user interface


The Verba Recording System provides dial-in services to end-users for the following:

Use caseDescriptionAudio conversationsVideo conversation
DictationUsers can record a dictation with a simple conversation.SUPPORTEDSUPPORTED
Ad-hoc conferenceUsers can add the recorder to any conference call to record it.SUPPORTEDSUPPORTED
PlaybackRecorded conversations can be played back over the phone.SUPPORTEDSUPPORTED
Silent monitoringOngoing conversations can be listened to over the phone.SUPPORTEDNOT SUPPORTED

Verba Dial-in Services provide audio functions for all PBXs with SIP support, however, video services are limited to certain vendors. Please contact Verba regarding the latest video recording compatibility.

Dial-in lines

The solution provides different dial-in lines with different capabilities:

  • recording line without prompt - recording starts immediately when the recorder answers (but asks for Recorder PIN if required)
  • recording line with prompt - recording starts after a prompt when the recorder answers (but asks for Recorder PIN if required)
  • playback line - provides playback capabilities for conversation recordings stored in the solution
  • advanced dial-in line - provides more advanced playback and recording capabilities

Recorder line numbers are configurable. Different customer deployments will have different recorder line numbers.


The dial-in services lines are authenticated, functions and content are restricted based on the detected identity. Authentication uses the following procedure:

  1. Detect the caller's phone extension
  2. If the extension is configured in Verba and configuration allows PIN-less operation, the service progresses directly
  3. If the extension is configured in Verba, but configuration requires PIN, the service progresses after successful PIN authentication

The recorder line does not answer if:

  • the caller uses a hidden number
  • the extension is not configured in the Verba system,
  • dial-in recording is not allowed for that extension

PIN-less, extension based authentication is prone to caller ID spoofing.
Use that functionality with care (e.g. for internally accessible dial-in services only).

Dial-in service flows

Click on the diagrams below to see the service flows of the various dial-in lines. Flow and prompt audio customizations can be configured.

Recording line with prompt

Playback line

Advanced dial-in line

Dial-in interface customization

Audio prompts

Prompts are stored in <PromptPath>\<Language>\ subdirectories.

Language is determined based on authenticated user's language property if available, otherwise based on a configured language default.

FileDefault PromptComment


Authentication failed!




Beep before recording and playback of next conversation



Double beep after the recording ended


Please enter your PIN code terminated by the # key!



To record this conversation press 1, to play back conversations, press 2, to play back conversations by phone number press 3!



Please enter the phone number terminated by the # key!



Invalid PIN code!



There are no conversations available to play back for you

"for you" because there is no distinction between no access for playback and no conversations found according to searching criteria


No more conversations to play back. To play back the previous conversation press 4, to enter menu press the * key.



To play back an earlier conversation press 4, to play back a consecutive conversation press 6, to enter menu press the * key.



To play back conversations press 1, to play back conversations by phone number press 2.



Recording will be started after the beep. To stop recording press the * key, after two beeps recording will be stopped. You can restart it by pressing the * key again.

Recording instructions for recorder line. It's too long, a shorter prompt is needed is here.


Recording will be started after the beep. To stop recording and enter menu press the * key.

Recording instructions for voice portal


Response timeout.



SQL error.



Welcome to the Verba Recording System.


Video prompts

Prompts are stored in <PromptPath> subdirectories. Currently there is no multi-language capability for video prompts.



Thumbnail for audio conversations, used if waveform service, cannot generate waveform


Thumbnail for conversations, that couldn't be opened


Verba logo showed in bottom right corner of the menus, and full screen for recording with forced duplex streams (recorder should send audio and video stream, not just receive)


Image for recording screen in 4:3 ratio


Image for recording screen in 16:9 ratio