Configuring multi tenant Microsoft chat and channel archiving

In order to deploy Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving in a multi tenant environment, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 - Create an app registration in the service/hosting provider tenant. For more information, see Registering an App for Microsoft Teams chat and channel archiving in Azure

Step 2 - Configure the Microsoft O365/M365 tenant ID for the Verba environment for each tenant under System / Multi-tenant Administration / Environments / Teams tab / Teams Tenant ID.

Step 3 - Configure the Azure User Object IDs (and/or team IDs for Export API based channel archiving) as recorded extensions for each tenant. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Teams Chat and Channel Archiving.

Step 4 - Configure a separate Recording Provider for each tenant. For more information,

You can use the same app registration, as long as you have the admin consent for the tenant, but the Directory (tenant) ID must be the one configured for the Environment. Otherwise, you will need to have a separate app registration in each tenant. In the case of using the DLP/Webhook based integration, the Notification URL and the Event Listener Port must be unique for each tenant, otherwise, the service will not be able to assign the messages to the right tenant/environment.