Flagging a conversation as private

To flag a conversation as "Private" using the Verba Phone Service, follow these steps:

Step 1 Press the Services button on the phone or select the proper menu item.

Step 2 Select the Verba Phone Service.

Step 3 If the service is only accessible through authentication, follow the steps described in Login to the Verba service.

Step 4 Details about the ongoing conversation (linked to the user) are displayed.

To flag the ongoing conversation as private press the Private button.

To flag the most recently completed conversation as private press the Other > Last, and then the Private button.

To flag any previously recorded conversation as private, press the Other > Calls buttons, then select the desired item by pressing the Select button and finally press the Private button.

The Private button is only displayed if the user has the right to flag conversation as private. The service checks the user right through the username that was configured for the service (or added through the login process).  If the given username is valid, the button is displayed for users having the private right.

Step 5 After successfully flagging a conversation, the user is informed that the conversation has been flagged as private.

Step 6 To remove the private flag from the conversation, navigate to the detailed conversation page of the given conversation. A new status line shows that the given conversation has been already flagged as private.  To remove the private flag, press the DelPriv button.

After flagging a conversation as private, the conversation can be listed through the Conversations / Private conversations menu item on the web interface. Private conversations can only be played back by the participants of the conversation. Conversations can be flagged as Private using the Verba Web Application, see Private conversations.