This page provides a guide to configuring a Verint Import Source in Verba.

Verba’s capabilities are now further expanded by Verint Import functionality: Near real-time import of BT ITS (both TDM and IPSI) and Cisco Passive recording from WFO 15.2.  The WFO and Verba systems are connected via an External Server within WFO and Data Import within VFC.

Please note for Cisco Passive Call Injection:

1. The VFC “from info” and “to info” fields are populated directly from WFO data.

2. The “Verba from” and “Verba to” fields are set by a trigger in the VFC database.  Based on the recorded party flag, if the “to” or “from” extension is configured in Verba the system will find the user and assign the recording to that user.

Please note 2N and N+1 WFO systems are supported.  If any WFO server fails, the Verba Import Source will continue with those WFO servers still working.

For a general description of Verba Import sources, please refer to Import sources.

For a general description of Data Import action, please refer to Data Import policy.

It is recommended to complete the WFO configuration steps before creation of the Verint Import Source.

The minimum WFO patch levels are: Consolidator KB202257 and RecAncillary KB201776.

Configuration Steps - WFO

Step 1 - In WFO Enterprise Manager under System Management > Enterprise > Settings, press Create Installation and create an External Server.

Step 2 - Assign the External Server a Name and enter the Windows Server Name of the VFC Server.

Step 3 - Under System Management > Enterprise > Server Roles, add the External Verba Media Repository Role.

Step 4 - Select and configure the External Verba Media Repository Role. The Media Repository Name is identical to the Windows Server Name of the VFC Server used when adding the External Server.  The Port number must be the same as the Port number used in the VFC Import Source configured shortly.

Creating a Verint import source

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data > Import Sources from the top menu

Step 2 - Click on the Add New Import Source link on the top right

Step 3 - Complete the configuration according to the requirements in the following table

Configuration item


NameName your import source. This name will identify this source across the system
TypeSelect Verint

Verint Recorder Address

Newline separated Verint Recorder address(es). Each line must use the following syntax:

Verint Recorder Serial|Verint Recorder FQDN or IP
For example:


Port number matching the Verba Media repository configured in WFO 15.2.

TLS Certificate File /


TLS Certificate Filename / Thumbprint (optional)

TLS Key File

TLS Key Filename (optional)
TLS Key PasswordTLS Key Password (optional)

Step 4 - Create a Data Management Policy with Import Source Type Verint and Action Data Import.