Adding markers to an ongoing conversation

In order to add a marker to an ongoing conversation through Verba Phone Service, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Click on the Services button on the phone or select the full menu item during the conversation.

Step 2 Select the Verba Phone Service.

Step 3 If the service is only accessible through authentication, follow the steps described in Login to the Verba service.

Step 4 Details about the ongoing conversation (linked to the user) are displayed. Press the BookMrk button. A maximum five markers can be added to a single conversation.  Each marker will cover a timeframe starting from (pressing the time " " for 4 seconds) to (pressing the time "+" for 4 seconds).

If there is no conversation in progress then the following screen is displayed:

Step 5 After adding a marker to the ongoing conversation, the user is informed about the success of the operation.

After adding one or more marker(s) to the conversation, users are able to display the marked timeframe in Verba player. For more information, see Markers.