Users can sign in to Verba in two different ways. They may either enter their Verba credentials, stored in the Verba database, or may enter their Active Directory domain credentials.

Using Verba credentials

The login screen appears after pointing the web browser to the Verba Web Application.

Type the user account name into the Login ID field (not case sensitive) and enter the unique password in the Password (case sensitive) field, then press the Sign In button.

Contact the system administrator, if no login name and password were provided to you!

Should the user enter incorrect credentials, the login page displays the Wrong login credentials! error message.

Using Active Directory (Windows) domain credentials

Users can use Single Sign On with Active Directory in two different ways. When SSO is enabled in the system, a different login page is displayed.

Automatic sign-in

When this option is enabled in the server configuration, then if the basic Web Application URL is used ("hostname/verba" or "IP address/verba"), Verba will automatically redirect the user to authenticate in the Active Directory.

If the user is already logged in with his/her domain credentials, then they will automatically gain access to the Verba web interface and no additional interaction is required.

Otherwise, the system will prompt for a username/password combination.

Another URL can be used to avoid automatic redirection to AD ("hostname/verba/login.do" or "IP address/verba/login.do"). In this case, the following login screen is displayed.

When the Sign in with Windows Single Sign-On option is selected, users will be redirected to AD and the procedure described above applies.

Manual sign-in

For manual sign-in the URL shown above ("hostname/verba/login.do" or "IP address/verba/login.do") should be used. Then upon selecting the Sign in with User Name and Password option, the user is taken to the following page.

Enter the username to make the system enable the password field.

The Sign in with my Verba Account button will try to sign the user in based on the information available in the Verba database, as described in the Login with Verba credentials section at the top.

The Sign in with my Windows Account button will send the credentials to the Active Directory and will sign the user in if the AD returns a positive response.

Four eyes login with domain credentials can be used on this page.