Adding a tag to a conversation

This function allows the user to assign a tag to an ongoing conversation or to an already recorded one. Users can assign (add/change/delete) a tag to a conversation by selecting it from a predefined list of values (configurable) using the screen of the IP phone. To add a comment tag to a conversation (tagging) through the Verba Phone Service, follow these steps:

Step 1 Press the Services button on the phone or select the proper menu item.

Step 2 Select the Verba Phone Service.

Step 3 If the service is only accessible through authentication, follow the steps described in Login to the Verba service.

Step 4 Details about the ongoing conversation (associated with the user) are displayed.

To add a tag to the ongoing conversation press the AddTag button

To add a tag to the most recently completed conversation press the Other button then the Last button, and finally the AddTag button.

To add a tag to any previously recorded conversation, press Other followed by the Calls button, then select the desired item by pressing the Select button and finally press the AddTag button.

The AddTag button is only displayed if the user has the right to add a comment.  The service checks the user's right.  If the given username is valid and the user is granted the commenting right, then the button is displayed.

If there is no conversation in progress then the following screen is displayed:

Step 5 After pressing the AddTag button a predefined list of tags (labels) are displayed.  Choose the desired comment label by pressing the appropriate number on the touch pad of the IP phone or the Select soft-key.  If more than five labels are available, scroll the list by using the navigation button on the phone.


Step 6 After selecting the appropriate tag, the user is informed that the comment has been saved.

Step 7 To remove the assigned tag from the given conversation, navigate to the detailed conversation page of the given conversation then press the AddTag button.  On the list of displayed items an asterisk (*) marks the currently assigned item. Just press the Delete button to remove the tag from the conversation.

After attaching a flag, tag or comment to a conversation, users can search for this conversation by using the proper fields and text in the search criteria. The addition of comments through the service can only be done when the conversation is active. Comments may be added or removed after finishing the conversation from the web-based user interface or select the last twenty conversations from the service on the phone. For further information, see Adding a tag to a conversation.

The comment texts are added to the comment field (named IP Phone Service XML List) of the comment template in the default group of the given user. This is a built-in comment field, which is unique in every comment template.