Recording an ongoing conversation or the most recent conversation

To record an ongoing conversation (or recover and store the most recently completed conversation) through the Verba Phone Service, follow these steps:

Step 1 Press the Services button on the phone or select the proper menu item.

Step 2 Select the Verba Phone Service.

Step 3 If the service is only accessible through authentication, follow the steps described in Login to the Verba service.

Step 4 Details about the ongoing conversation (associated with the user) are displayed. Press the Record button to record the ongoing conversation for recording. To record the most recently completed conversations, press the Other button and the Last button, then press the Record button.

If there is no conversation in progress the following screen appears:

Step 5 After successfully denoting a conversation for recording, the user is informed about that the conversation is being recorded.

When the Back button is pressed, the conversation detail page is displayed again, and a new status line appears showing the conversation status as "being recorded".

When a user initiates conversation recording in the middle of a conversation, the whole length of the conversation is recorded. It is achieved by recording all conversations for extensions, where on-demand recording mode is set, and deleting those which were not denoted by the user to be recorded (kept).

For further information, see /wiki/spaces/docs/pages/6818540in Verba Deployment GuideOn-demand Recording Settings topic.