Silent monitoring and whisper coaching

To silently monitor or whisper coach during an ongoing conversation through the Verba Silent Monitoring Phone Service, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Click on the Services button on the phone or select the proper menu item during the conversation.

Step 2 - Select the Verba Silent Monitor Phone Service.

Step 3 - If the service is only accessible through authentication, follow the steps described in topic Login to the Verba service.

Step 4 - On the first screen, enter the extension number and/or the name of the user to be monitored. The system searches for any occurrences of the provided query strings, so there is no need to enter the full number or name. If these fields are left empty, the system will display all ongoing conversations based on the access control settings.

Step 5 - Enter the extension number, where the service will deliver the silent monitoring/whisper coaching call.

Step 6 - Press the Search button.

Step 7 - In the ongoing conversation list, select the relevant one. Conversations, where both parties can be monitored, are listed twice. The number and name in the first row identifies the monitored party in the list.

Step 8 - Once an ongoing conversation is selected, press Monitr to start silent monitoring the conversation or Whispr to whisper coach the user.

Step 9 - The silent monitoring/whisper coaching session is presented as a conversation on the supervisor phone. The conversation is automatically answered. Users can end the conversation anytime like in the case of normal calls.