Media Collector and Proxy Service: RecorderStandbyBegin

Recorder Stand-by Begin Alert


Computer name: <COMPUTER_NAME>
Alert id: <ID>
Time: <TIME> (UTC)
Severity: <SEVERITY>

Alert attributes:



This alert is sent if a Recorder Server is switched to maintenance mode.


If you receive such an alert, and the start of the maintenance mode was not on purpose, follow the steps below to switch the Recorder to active mode:

Step 1 - On the web interface go to Administration and choose Verba Servers
Step 2 - Choose the Media Repository from the server list
Step 3 - Click on the Service Control tab, and search for Verba Media Collector and Proxy Service
Step 4 - In the row of Verba Media Collector and Proxy Service, under Operations you can stop the Maintenance Mode by clicking on the icon

After those steps, you should receive the Recorder Standby End alert.

If the service won't switch to Normal Operation please contact the support service and send the log files of the related service - recorderproxy.log
Log files are available under "APPLICATION_FOLDER\log" (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Verba\log) folder on each server.