Verba Publishing Server

The Verba Publishing Server provides a convenient, easy-to-use simple interface to access published recordings. The Verba Publishing Server can be accessed through a web browser.  The following HTTP address must be typed in the address field:


After entering the URL, all the recordings made available to the public are displayed automatically. To access published calls for a certain publishing server users only, log in to the Verba Publishing Server first. For more information, please read the topics below.

The following table describes the available columns in the list:



Title and Description

Title and description of the shared recording.


Duration and the file size of the shared recording.

Access the Play, Download and Share functions as well.

PublisherName of the user who shared the recording.
Creation DateDate and time of the sharing.
ViewsTotal number of attempts to view the shared recording.
DownloadsTotal number of attempts to download the shared recording.

Login to the Verba Publishing Server

To access published conversations for a certain publishing server users only, log in to the Verba Publishing Server first. After accessing the interface, click on the Login link on the top right corner of the page.

In the  Login ID  field type the user account name (not case sensitive) and enter the corresponding password in the Password  (case sensitive) field, then press the Login button. 

Users without a login name and password must contact their system administrator.

If the credentials entered are not valid, the login page is displayed again with the Wrong login credentials! error message.

After a successful login attempt, all shared/published recordings will be displayed, which are made available for the given user.

Users can log out anytime by clicking on the Logout link in the top-right corner of the page.

The system also allows users modify their password. Simply click on the Change Password link in the top right corner and fill in the form.