Gathering support information

When contacting support, it is important to collect all relevant information about the issue you are experiencing. The information can help the support engineer to determine the root cause of your issue faster and provide you guidance on correcting the issue.

The support engineer would need as much of the following information as possible:


Customer Name

The name of the customer. This helps to identify any known issues or past information about the deployment.
Site locationLocation information about the deployment. This can help to identify the deployment if the customer has multiple installations.

A clear and concise description of the issue.

ReproductionA detailed description of the steps to reproduce the issue.
Desired outcomeA clear and concise description of the desired outcome.

List of the associated integrations (Phone System / Trading platform) to make the scenarios and the architecture more understandable. The version numbers of the integrations can be crucial for bug detection.

System software version

The version of the system. We usually need service version numbers up to build numbers (e.g., not just the main version of the system such as 9.6.
Recent changes

The description of any recent environmental changes:

  • firewall configuration changes
  • network configuration changes
  • server configuration changes
  • integration related configuration changes
  • Windows operating system changes on Verba servers (e.g. patched applied)

Troubleshooting actions and log analysis results. Dates/times of relevant alarms, and tests to replicate the issue etc.

Logs and Configuration

Collection of relevant log files and current server configuration. For more information on collecting logs and configuration data, see Log files and Log and Configuration Collector.

Server information for the attached logs: list the related Verba servers from the architecture, to make the logs more understandable (server hostname/IP and server role).

Other relevant informationAnything you believe is important to understand the issue better and help find the resolution.