Debug log and command line output

Debug and verbose log levels

Troubleshooting often requires additional, more detailed information about a specific service. You can change the log level of a specific service to enable more detailed logging. For more information, refer to Log files.

Only increase the log level temporarily when you are doing troubleshooting or you were asked by support. Leaving the log level on Debug/Verbose level can have an adverse effect on system performance which could lead to data loss in critical situations.

Debug command line output

Debug output shows messages about the operation of the internal activities and algorithms of the services. It could be especially useful when troubleshooting service startup issues, e.g. when a service cannot be started. In order to run a component in debug mode, first, you have to stop the desired service through the Web Application under System / Servers / Service Control and Activation or through Windows Service Control application (Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services).

If Verba System Monitor is enabled for a given service, make sure that you stop the Verba System Monitor service too, unless it will automatically restart the given service.

The following table lists the supported services and their command line debug options:

Verba service

Binary folder

Command line

Verba Passive Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbaengine.exe -d
Verba Unified Call Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binunifiedrec.exe -d
Verba Import Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\bincdrimport.exe -d
Verba Unified IM Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binunifiedimrec.exe -d
Verba Dial-in Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binactiverecorder.exe -d
Verba Media Streamer and Content Server Service
c:\Program Files\Verba\binmediastreamer.exe -d
Verba Storage Management Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbastorage.exe -d
Verba Media Utility Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binwaveform.exe -d
Verba System Monitor Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbasysmon.exe -d
Verba Node Manager Agentc:\Program Files\Verba\binverbaagent.exe -d