How to replace a service executable

Upgrading service executable can affect the recording functionality of your environment.

We recommend executing the upgrade during a maintenance window to avoid loss of recording and leave time for testing.

Step 1 - Download the executable provided by the Support Representative.

Step 2 - Open a Remote Desktop Connection to the affected server.

Step 3 - Open the Windows Services application.

Step 4 - Disable the Verba System Monitor Service and the Verba service you are about to update. 

Stopping Verba System Monitor will prevent the automatic restart of the Verba services.

Step 5 - Open a File Explorer and navigate to %Verba_Install_Path%\bin folder. (Default install path is C:\Program Files\Verba)

Step 6 - Create a backup of the original executable in case you need to roll back to the original version.

Step 7 - Replace the new executable file in the %Verba_Install_Path%\bin folder.

Step 8 - Go back to Windows Service and start the Verba System Monitor and the updated Verba service.

Step 9 - Repeat the steps above on all affected Verba server.

Step 10 - Verify functionality by making tests.