Configuring the Verba Gadget

The Verba Gadget has to be uploaded to the Finesse web server as a 3rd party gadget.

Before uploading the gadget, the configuration file has to be modified.

Modifying the configuration file

All the possible configuration are stored in the verba-config.js file. The configuration fields are stored in a JavaScript object.

Configuration fields

NameTypeExample ValueDescription
protocolString"http"The protocol which will be used for the API connection.

Defines if the Verba deployment contains multiple Media Repositories

mrsArray of Strings

 [ "" , "" ]

List of Media Repositories. The value can be IP address, NetBIOS name or FQDN.
Verba Configuration Example
var verbaConfig = {
    protocol: "http",
    redundant: 0,
    mrs: [

Upload and add the Verba Gadget

For Contact Center 10.6 and below please use the WebService.js and WebService.xml from the uccx-10.6 folder.

Please follow the instruction of the following Cisco configuration guide:

Downloading The Gadget

The Verba Gadget for Cisco Finesse is accessible on Verba's Software Downloads page