Direct URL Access


Direct URL Access provides allows external web apps to directly include features of the Verba Web Application. 

In this way, users do not have manually navigate to the given function or manually search for a given call. External applications can also use these direct URLs to provide the enhanced features of the system to its users without implementing them. For example, a CRM application can list all recorded call for a given date range for a given customer using its phone number and open a pop up browser window with the feature-rich search and list screen of the web application.

By using the single sign on (SSO) capabilities of the system - either the Windows Domain authentication, either the SSO API - users can access the direct URLs in a seamless way without the need to authenticate themselves repeatedly. Without SSO, users are forced to login first and than the system automatically redirects them to the original direct URL.

General guidelines


The functions of the API are available as simple HTTP GET requests. The maximum length of the HTTP GET request is usually maximised either by the client or the server. The client should assume that the maximum length of a GET request is 4000 characters, although, some implementations may support longer URLs too.

URL encoding

All HTTP request has to be URL encoded and all special characters has to be escaped and substituted with its URL encoded equivalent. For further information, see


The API provides the following mechanism to ensure that the communications between the external application and the recording system is secure:

  • Authentication
  • Option to use SSL/HTTPS

Direct URL functions

List of available functions:



Call detail URL

Opens the call detail screen for the call defined in the URL.
Search and List URLOpens the search and list page and automatically executes the query defined in the parameters in the URL.