Desktop Agent HTTP API


This API allows applications to integrate with the Verba Desktop Recorder to control screen capturing, add time markers and more.

The HTTP API has two API modes:

    • Operational Mode - all API commands URLs are situated in the '/' url location (root)
    • Developer Mode - all API commands URLs are situated in the '/dev/' url location

All API calls are exactly the same in both Operation and Developer modes.

There are two differences in Developer Mode compared to Operational Mode:

    • URLs are under the /dev/ folder
    • /dev/ URL and all other URLs present the user with a complete user friendly web page with command links and status

Operation and Developer Modes can be used at the same time, but the Developer Mode can be disabled.

Accessing the Developer Mode

After Enabling the HTTP API Developer Mode use your web browser to visit the Developer Mode page



  • <host> is the address of the PC where Verba Desktop is installed
  • <apiport> is the TCP port of the HTTP API (default HTTP API port: 10100, can be changed using the HttpApiPort parameter)

The following page opens:

The screen has three parts:

  • API response block - on the top it shows the last API call and its output
  • Command block - on the left it shows the available API call as links or HTTP GET forms
  • Status block - on the right it provides status information

The Command block shows all the available HTTP API calls in the following groups:

  • Recording mode
  • Screen recording control
  • Markers

For further information about the commands, please refer to the respective API call topics.

API calls can be executed from this screen:

  • All API calls that have no extra parameters are directly clickable web links.
  • All API calls with parameters have a 'Send' button that you can click after filling in the parameter fields

All execution results in an HTTP GET similar to the HTTP GET expected by the main HTTP API.

There is a difference between Main HTTP API and Developer Mode HTTP API URLs.
The URLs of the Main HTTP API are available even if Developer Mode is enabled.
You can derive the Main HTTP API URLs by removing the '/dev/' from the URLs you see when using the Developer Mode webpage.

Enabling and disabling the developer mode

To turn on the HTTP API do the followings:

Step 1 - Open the Registry Editor (regedit)

Step 2 - Set [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Verba\ScreenCap\HttpAPIDeveloperMode]

Values: to enable set to 1, to disable set to 0

Step 3 - Open the Windows Services console

Step 4 - Restart the Verba Screen Capturing Service